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With a confidential protection agreement, Michelle Cosmetics will develop product formulations based upon your needs and specifications, or according to the specific formula you provide. If you do not have a formula, we have a list of formulations for moisturizers, anti-aging, anti-cellulite, hair remover creams, and soothing products that we can package under your company label.  All of our containers are filled on-site; thus, we can distribute your finished products ready for sale.

We, at Michelle Cosmetics, can help design labels and select packaging to satisfy your needs.  Or you can supply us with packaging and we can add the labels you provide.  And we will ship your product worldwide!

P R O D U C T I O N   &   Q U A L I T Y   C O N T R O L

Attention to detail in production is a vital and important part of our philosophy and everyday procedures.  Quality control personnel carefully review each phase of production.  The entire production process, from research and development, compounding, filling, packaging and shipping, is inspected and monitored to ensure that our products are consistent in texture, viscosity, and quality.

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